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You are formally educated but have no formal education how to bring up a child. You are doing the way you have seen your parents doing it. But yes, you are doing the best for your child and can do anything to make them successful in life.

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Are You Struggling With Your Child’s :

Self Confidence, Discipline, Focus on Studies, Moral Values,
Anger, Self Motivation?

I can help you to find a solution to all your
challenges Through our coaching program
‘Parenting That Matters’


Children are born free but they need to learn how to handle their freedom, how to be responsible for their own emotions, behaviors, values, health, relationships and academics. .... Read More
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What You Will

 Learn in PTM ?

My Parenting Journey

I was practising what I was taught by my parents. There was no formal education on Parenting, I was a struggling mother and pushing,nagging, scolding, shouting were my daily behaviours leaving me lonely, sad and exhausted by the end of the day.


I use to feel worried and scared for the future of my children.

And one day I decided to do something about it with the help of my mentors and Coaches for who I have nothing but a feeling of immense gratitude.

My journey has inspired me to empower young parents to create an environment of Love, support, nurture, acceptance and care for themselves and their children.

I Realized :

I have changed myself, are you the next ?

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Thank You for such a wonderful and life-altering session. My husband I both feel we have gained tremendously. (He always asks for a run-through after the session). I could go on and on about the things I learned. It was an amazing course you took me through… Thanks a TON!!!


The parenting session conducted by Mrs. Kavita Hans was excellent, and conducted in 3 parts for better and in-depth understanding. That is what I have been exactly looking for. I and other participants definitely couldn’t be more thankful that we all could learn this wonderful interactive session with lot of examples, on how to deal and interact with our children, and of course it’s a skill & all parents can learn and make their homes joyful and happy.  .. My best wishes

P. S . Rao

Thank you kavita for the course on Parenting That Matters (PTM). It has helped me change the way I look at my children and deal with difficult situations. I am confident that the skills and techniques learnt during the PTM workshop will help me create a bond with my children. It will help me with the challenges that every teenaged parents go through. I enjoyed learning how to be a good parent and the ways to show it. I appreciate and thank you for this workshop. The sessions are quite an eye opener and I think I enjoyed and learned a lot from it.


From long time I was struggling to get my answers on parenting but as we all know we hardly get any and there were many questions and issues I had no answers to, but after attending this workshop I am not only able to understand the why behind the behaviour but also know the answer and how-to-tackle it right way without having doubt about it.. Kavita mam have explained the concepts so well that it stays with you , because you understood the actual meaning of the action. I highly recommend Kavita mam’s parenting session.


Kavita ma’am was able to create a quick connect and ease of communication. She herself is a parent hence she was one of us and not someone preaching. I found the content extremely relevant, very easily understandable. Personally I have been able to see the mirror and realise what is my style of parenting, how to be unconditional and empathetic. I am sure it will help me immensely in this journey parenting.


Sometimes in life when one is on a path where he or she feels to stop, question and review parent whether he or she is a good enough as a parent. Your workshop came to me at that very point of time. I have evolved as a mother over a number of years but had few questions in my mind which got cleared without even asking through your insights. Not only that I learned so many new ways of thinking as a parent and learned where to draw lines. All the very best Kavita Mam and I just hope you keep helping people with this treasure of knowledge and compassion that you have.


Dear Kavita… I am glad to have been a part of your program. It has truly given me a different yet a simplified perspective to deal with young minds. The beauty of the entire program was your detailed explanations on every aspect of child care and I want to thank you for the same. ALL THOSE WHO INTEND TO DO THIS PROGRAM PLEASE NOTE: IT IS A MUST DO PROGRAM.

Tamsin Priyanka Monis

Thank you so much for the lovely experience. It was truly informative. I have studied and done my research on child development and Graphology, hence it was much more important for me to understand the loopholes in my parenting skills. I completely enjoyed every bit of it.


First of all, I would like to thank you kavita mam for this wonderful session… You done your job wonderfully, now it’s our turn to apply it as we learnt…. And I am sure if anyone will follow the lessons… will definitely be benefited … Thanks again.