" You are born with potential, but you need desire and courage to reach it ! "

My Story:

I am Kavita Hans, I am on a Mission to transform the lives of people and empower them to live their maximum potential in LIFE.

I grew up in India, a typical Indian household; I struggled with self-confidence. It was sad that nobody believed in me. Things changed when I hit my teens; I was 15 when I decided to take charge of my studies. I worked very hard and was soon the distinction holder in statistics and maths in Agra University. I completed my post-graduation and bachelor in education, it was 1996 when I got married and my life was full of excitement. I was in education sector working in TGT grade and was a Radio jockey on AIR FM, New Delhi. I loved interacting with people through Radio and my show name was “Aakash and Vani”. I also did few shows of “Baaton Baaton Mein” on AIR 102.6. The life had just started but there was something else destined for me.

My husband got a very promising job proposal, which he could not turn down and we together decided to leave Delhi. We packed our bags and I suddenly found myself doing house chores only and remained in the house and be with my husband.

And I played it well, soon I was blessed with two lovely children and meanwhile I completed my Masters in Human Resource Management. I worked with corporates in the HRD department but the juggling of life between corporate and home was not easy. Unwillingly, I gave up once again as there was no support at home for children.

From the outside my life looked incredible; I had everything which any woman can dream of, the loving husband, two perfect children that I adore, beautiful house, luxurious car and all the comforts that I could ask for. My day was busy with children right from getting them ready for school, managing kitchen, kid’s homework and taking them to extra-curricular activities. I had everything and I was fully occupied but yet I woke up many mornings unhappy and unfulfilled. There was always some hollowness within me which was making me think that I am missing something.

A voice in my head was always telling me “Kavita there is something more that you can do in your life”. I was feeling that there is something which I do not have and it left me feeling guilty and ungrateful because I was blessed in so many ways and my life was wonderful. Everything around me was so comfortable and complete as a whole but I was searching for something..

My Life Changing Experiences

When I could not bear this any longer, I started my first venture as “Disha Human Resource Consultancy” from one corner of my house. Within 2 years it grew and I shifted myself to an office. I worked for various clients like Pepe Jeans, Blue-Dart, Cipla Pharmacueticals, Alok Industries to name a few into talent search, Performance management system, trainings, competency mapping and other HR interventions. But there was something more in my destiny, I was feeling there is still something untapped in me. I started reading self-help books attending seminars, workshops and that’s when in one of the seminar National Achievers Conference I realised that I am seeking more meaning in my life. I could see a deep passion and a purpose in the life of a speaker that day and I wanted that for myself. I understood that I have a strong desire of helping others and I wanted a life of service and purpose.

In 2012, I took a break from my work and started studying further from the world’s best teachers like Blair Singer, T. Harv Eker, Mac Attaram, V.V. John, Sandip Shirsat and Inderjeet. They all helped me to evolve as a human, improve my relationships with myself and with others. They shifted my mind set instead and empowered me to deal with anything in life. I discovered that we all have potential to live the life of our own desires, but we have created our own barriers and ever since this realisation there is been no looking back. I learnt how to train my mind, create boundaries and focus which brought a major shift in my life.

Now, I wake up every day with a new excitement to live, I have fought the odds at each level and embraced my life’s goals. I am here to help you do the same and empower you to live your life to its maximum potential.

Whether you are a working professional, full-time mom, an entrepreneur or simply a person who wants to enjoy life at a deeper level, this journey is for you!

We all face unique pressures, obstacles, and challenges—but it’s how we respond and deal with it that defines our life.

Live your LIFE to your Maximum Potential !